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With his rich knowledge of the mystical realms Warren has helped support me in diving deeper into my purpose on the planet.

“Beyond his expertise in organ function and releasing pain from the emotional body, Warren has served as a guide to me while I handed my mission over to something bigger. His reliable mentorship has kept me in trust and joy while on an unknown adventure.”


Warren has a profound ability to understand what your body and soul are in need of and also gives you great ideas for being in bliss!

“My visits with Warren blow my mind every time. Over the years he has helped me spiritually, physically with health concerns as well as emotionally. I truly believe in Warren and his abilities which have continued to guide me on my divine path. Warren has an incredible gift and I am so honored to have him in my life.”


To say yes to Warren and his offerings is saying yes to deeply personal and spiritual growth. Get ready to expand your consciousness!

“His wise insights, entertaining analogies, and practical guidance can easily lead you to new ways of seeing, understanding, and interacting in the world. An “aha-moment” is guaranteed, along with lighthearted chuckles for good measure. His guided meditations and contemplations are superb, enchanting works of art. When I’ve worked with him personally, my life has been positively impacted in ways I could not have anticipated.”


Warren’s healing abilities are something that I wish everyone on this Earth could experience at least once. He is kind, warm, gentle and highly aware and intuitive.

“Having one session with Warren is, in my opinion, better than going to regular talk therapy for a year. Warren can immediately focus on the source of the issue rather than dealing only with symptoms! Efficiency is important to me, so I was extremely pleased to see how efficiently Warren was able to address the issues I was dealing with and catapult me down my path to recovery fast! I will forever be grateful for the treatment I received from Warren. I had massive shifts and healing through only four sessions!”

The Year of Wisdom Sample

Listen to this Free Sample ‘Year of Wisdom’ Talk: Autobiography of a Healer

About Warren King

With over 25 years of practice and over 10,000 patients, I have gained knowledge and expertise in many modalities of healing. I began with a base of Oriental Medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbology. I have been specializing in Auricular Medicine since 1993, which uses the map of the body on the ear along with the pulse to figure out what is happening in the whole body. Lately I have been doing QNRT, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, to clear past emotional trauma out of the brain and body.

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