What happens before a soul is born?

Are we mentored by teachers and masters who know our soul’s plan for the coming incarnation?  What will Narayan learn about The 5 Elements that make up his new physical body?

This often humorous and enlightening tale reveals many astounding facts about Earth from the perspective of life-between-lives, and gives great hope for the future of our planet.

An amazing adventure of a soul in heaven planning his next life on Earth. He learns from guides how to stay healthy while in embodiment. He chooses his parents and prepares them for his coming. He goes on adventures in higher and lower realms. The laws of the Universe are revealed in a thrilling story form.

About the Author

Warren King has practiced Oriental Medicine for more than 25 years and in that span of time has worked with over 10,000 patients. He studied at the New England School of Acupuncture, the Kushi Institute in Boston and the Midwest Center of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. In addition to acupuncture, King offers related holistic treatments including auricular medicine, homeopathy and Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy.

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