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Message from Warren:

I have developed the following contemplations to help you experience a deeper level of reality. Although silent meditation is a very powerful practice, most find the attempt to silence the chattering “monkey” mind, a frustrating experience.  These meditations are focused on various levels of actual reality, both microscopically within your body and macroscopically within the universe. You can actually experience your cells, your atoms,  your organs and the galaxy. It is well known in esoteric circles that what you visualize, you create. So let us start creating our own world and enjoy the bliss that is present in every point of space.

Everyone has the capacity to visualize. In some people it is more developed than others. Practice makes perfect.  The internet can be very helpful here.  If we are imagining our pancreas, you could google “image of pancreas” and see what it really looks like and where it is in your body. The same goes for the different planets or stars or galaxies.

The wonderful thing, is that once you see yourself in relationship to the universe, you get a new perspective on life.  You see where you fit in the grand scheme of things.

When I do these contemplations, I often end up laughing out loud. When you see how small your worries and the average person’s perspective of life is, compared to the grandeur of creation, it is indeed humorous. The great thing is you can do these contemplations anywhere, at any time. Once you control the dial of your consciousness, you can zoom in or zoom out as far as you want.  I even do some of the contemplations while mowing my lawn or shoveling snowflakes, even the most mundane activities can be charged with mystery and awe.  You can see the world and people in a whole new light. This is the direct experience of the universe that can be a direct spiritual experience, with or without any religious concepts. Once you have this ability, you may never be bored again. Drugs and alcohol would have no allure if you can experience the wonder of reality directly.  In these contemplations you can be in any position you like, sitting, laying down, standing, even confined to a wheelchair.  If you were in prison or in a refugee camp, you still have your mind and your ability to imagine, no one can take your mind away from you. So hang on, or shall I say, let go, and enjoy your journey.