Herbs for Children

The Healing Wonders of Medicinal Plants

The essence of natural herbal therapy is to activate the body’s own self-healing powers. Some of the most powerful medicines are not located in prescription drugs but in common herbs found in your kitchen or your local health food store. They may be available as tinctures, teas, capsules, fresh or dried.

Some of the most commonly used herbs for childhood illnesses are:

Good for restlessness and colic in infants and small children. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is used for fevers and in producing perspiration without increasing heat in the body and also for its action in inducing sleep.

A pleasant tasting tea used to calm the nerves and for menstrual cramps. It is one of the best herbs for soothing an upset stomach, for colic in babies and for inducing sleep. It is an effective sedative with no harmful side effects.

Calendula ointment is good to keep on hand as a first aid remedy. It is an antiseptic for the skin and useful for cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters, bruises and bug bites. It also Speeds tissue healing.

This herb stimulates the immune response, increasing the body’s ability to resist infection and is a natural antibiotic for both bacterial and viral infections. It improves lymphatic filtration and drainage and it helps remove toxins from the blood.

Good for the immune and respiratory systems. When used for colds and flu, it acts to increase blood circulation, promotes sweating and brings down fevers. It also works as an expectorant, anti-catarrhal and anti-inflammatory agent.

Garlic is nature’s antibiotic and when used topically helps to relieve the discomfort of painful earaches. Taken internally, it exerts broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against many types of bacteria, virus, worms and fungi.

Settles upset stomachs and indigestion, relieves intestinal gas, congestion, throat and bronchial irritation and is great for stopping nausea and vomiting. It promotes perspiration and helps reduce fevers.

Has a natural antibiotic ability to kill germs and stop infections in the body. It helps to soothe and heal the mucous membranes of the nasal area, bronchial tubes, throat, intestines, stomach and bladder. (It should not be used by pregnant women.)

A sedative for the stomach and aids digestion, relieves gas, intestinal cramping, diarrhea and heartburn. It is excellent for nausea and makes a very soothing, warming, refreshing tea.


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