What does Warren King do?

Many people that are referred to me express a desire to understand more about what I do, the scope of my practice and my philosophy, as well as my background and training.  So I hope this letter will answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Background, Training and Methods While I’ve gained knowledge and expertise in many different modalities of healing, a major pillar in the foundation of my practice is a background in Chinese and Oriental Medicine.  I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 1991.  My training and expertise include methods of Oriental diagnosis such as pulse testing, and tongue and facial diagnosis.  I have studied Chinese, Japanese, and Korean forms of acupuncture.  I also have extensive training in both Chinese and Western Herbology, as...


The New Healing Paradigm

The New Healing Paradigm by Warren King L.Ac. WATER THE ROOTS AND NOT THE LEAVES This ancient saying in Chinese Medicine says that we must treat the cause (the root) and the symptoms (the leaves) will resolve themselves. If the warning signs are not heeded, but suppressed, then one day those annoying symptoms may resurface, but this time as more serious illness. Many of the symptoms that we experience are in reality the body's attempt to keep us balanced, and communicate to us that something needs to be corrected. They are like a smoke alarm, warning of a fire smoldering in the basement. Suppressing symptoms is like rolling out of bed, half asleep and cutting the wires to the alarm, instead of rousing ourselves, going downstairs, and extinguishing the...