What does Warren King do?

Many people that are referred to me express a desire to understand more about what I do, the scope of my practice and my philosophy, as well as my background and training.  So I hope this letter will answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Background, Training and Methods

While I’ve gained knowledge and expertise in many different modalities of healing, a major pillar in the foundation of my practice is a background in Chinese and Oriental Medicine.  I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 1991.  My training and expertise include methods of Oriental diagnosis such as pulse testing, and tongue and facial diagnosis.  I have studied Chinese, Japanese, and Korean forms of acupuncture.  I also have extensive training in both Chinese and Western Herbology, as well as homeopathy.

Traditional Oriental Medicine has always recognized the role of substances such as foods and herbs in healing.  But, unlike Western medicine, Eastern medicine has also understood the vital role that energy – or qi – plays in creating health.  The energy that keeps us alive is also what the body uses to heal and repair itself. When energy flow is disrupted or out of balance, vitality decreases, symptoms appear, and eventually diseases develop.

In my practice, I make effective use of herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies.  When I treat patients with acupuncture, I can opt to use needles, heat or moxibustion, laser, or electrical stimulation, and even tuning forks or gemstones.  All of these can be used to favorably alter the flow of energy in the body, creating balance where there are imbalances, and removing blockages that prevent the normal flow of energy.  Once the energy is balanced and vital nutrients are provided, the body has a real chance to heal itself.

In addition to the use of these therapies, I also employ a system of healing called “drainage”.  This is the use of remedies or techniques that improve the function of or  “open up” the organs of elimination – the kidneys, liver, intestines or skin – so that the body can detoxify through the normal channels of elimination. Certain high quality remedies can actually cause elimination of stored toxins at the cellular level.  This is essential to get results with normally hard-to-treat cases like autoimmune diseases.  The “opening up” of the organs of elimination through the use of drainage therapies greatly reduces the incidence of what is known as a “healing crisis”.  When a healing crisis occurs, a patient will feel worse before beginning to feel better.  While this is something I normally try to prevent, I do find that, in some cases, a patient will actually benefit from the awareness gained when they consciously experience some of the detoxification as it takes place.

Oriental Medicine has provided a solid foundation for my practice, and drainage therapies have provided a highly effective method for eliminating toxins with a minimum of detoxification symptoms.  But it is my specialty in Auricular Therapy that has provided me with an unusual degree of precision and accuracy in both in finding out what is causing health issues and in their treatment.

Auricular Therapy: An Amazingly Accurate System Of Healing

Imagine if you had a port on the side of your head where you could plug in a monitor to see exactly what was wrong with any part in the body, and a keyboard where you could input information to signal to the body how to heal itself.  Well, we do have such an interface: the auricle or outer surface of the ear.

Prior to 1956, the Chinese had discovered only three acupuncture points on the ear.  Today we know of more than one hundred.  Dr. Nogier of France was the first to do research on auriculotherapy.  He had a number of gypsy patients who all had the same scar on their ears.  When questioned, they told him that when they suffered from severe sciatic pain, their folk healer would burn a point on their ear, and their back pain would disappear forever.  Dr. Nogier used that information to start plotting a map of the entire body on the ear.  The map ended up looking like an inverted fetus, with the head in the ear lobe and the feet on top.

Since then, Dr. Nogier and others have developed not one, but three different maps of the body on the ear.  Practitioners of auricular therapy use these maps when examining the surface of the ear visually for any discolorations or abnormalities.  They can apply pressure to see which points are sensitive, or use devices to measure electrical conductance on the various points.  The points can then be treated with a metal pellet or seed, with a needle, a laser, or micro current electrical stimulation.

Dr. Nogier made a further discovery which helped him create an advanced form of auricular therapy.  He found that it is possible to detect subtle changes in a patient’s pulse at the wrist while activating various points on the ear.  Nogier would place different materials on a tray and run a wire from the tray to the patient he was testing.  As he exposed the patient to samples of various substances, he could detect changes in the energy at points on the ear, as well as changes in the pulse.  For instance, an auricular therapist might put refined sugar on the tray and a pancreas point would be activated on the ear.  The point could then be treated with a needle, laser, or other device.  Or a sample of a material that is known to benefit the pancreas, say chromium, would be placed on the tray.  If the point would then become balanced, the practitioner would know for certain that chromium would indeed be beneficial in correcting an imbalance of the pancreas caused by sugar.  So the points on the ear can be used to diagnose the specific imbalance or locate the specific problem.  They also may be used to treat the problem, either by directly stimulating the body to self-repair, or by indicating, along with the pulse, what substances will aid the body in its healing.

Thus, auricular therapy developed into a complete system for both diagnosis and treatment.  An auricular therapist can find out exactly which organs, glands, or tissues are out of balance and treat those body parts via points on the ear.  These points connect to nerves that run to the brain and from there, to very specific locations in the body.  An auricular therapist can also find out the substances – foods, herbs, supplements, or homeopathic remedies – that will bring balance and healing to the system.  Because auricular testing can also reveal which substances stress the body or throw it off balance, it can also be used to detect food sensitivities, as well as problematic exposure to environmental toxins or heavy metals.   And, since auricular testing is completely non-invasive, it carries with it none of the dangers or side effects that accompany more invasive diagnostic tests.

But truly the most beautiful thing about this system of healing is that treatment can be totally custom designed for the individual.  In my own practice, I have access to an amazing array of remedies.  I have tested hundreds of products, and I choose only the very highest quality for use in my practice.  Even so, the sheer number of high-quality products available would make remedy selection an otherwise daunting task.  Auricular testing allows me to narrow my selection to the remedies that will match the exact needs of the individual patient. This greatly increases the efficacy of my treatments and, in the long run, saves my patients the money that is often wasted on remedies that are inappropriate for them.

The ear is like a computer that can look into the individual patient’s body and detect precisely what the problem is, and what the patient needs in order to heal.  If you think you’ve tried everything, and you still don’t feel well, then you probably haven’t tried auricular therapy.

Healing The Whole Person

Many people ask if I am able to treat specific diseases.  And many others are unsure of when it is appropriate to make use of natural or “alternative” healers as opposed to a conventional medical doctor.  Some believe that minor illnesses can be treated by natural healers, while more serious illnesses should be left for conventional drug treatment or surgical procedures.  Still others feel that all acute infections should be treated with antibiotics while lingering chronic conditions may benefit from natural therapies.  My response to these is that I am able to help with both minor, as well as serious health issues, chronic or acute.  That said, I never hesitate to recommend conventional medicine when I feel it is necessary.  But I do not view the health of my patients in terms of a particular disease or condition.  I view their health as a complete configuration made up of interconnected aspects that involve the whole person, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

So far, I’ve mainly explained the methods I employ to bring about physical healing.  But humans are more that just physical bodies.  Over the years, I’ve developed a sensitivity – some may call it an intuitive gift or ability – that works alongside auricular therapy, and allows me to interact with the intelligence of both the body and the subconscious mind.  Since most illnesses result from a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual causes, all of these should be addressed for the best and most permanent results. The physical aspect is usually fairly straightforward.  God and nature have provided abundantly for our needs with substances such as foods, herbs, minerals and other substances that help the body to heal itself.  At the emotional and spiritual levels, I am also able to assist and promote healing with homeopathic remedies and flower essences that work on the heart and soul.  While the remedies I choose and a customized diet may constitute a major portion of the healing , I am able to detect when more is needed.  Sometimes a specific exercise routine will be indicated.  Sometimes I will recognize that a referral to another practitioner is necessary.

Sometimes it is not important to know exactly what the emotional or spiritual issues are.  I utilize the appropriate remedies and the problems resolve themselves.  At other times, the specific issue or memory needs to be pinpointed and articulated in order to allow the individual to work consciously on that issue.  Sometimes we may need to address issues that people confront in their everyday lives.  The problems may not always go away, but we can alter the way we deal with them, both physically and emotionally.  We always have the freedom to choose how we approach life. The God-given gift of free will is our most powerful ally, for we can choose to change our attitudes, our habits, our beliefs, and our awareness of who we are and what we want to be.

Connecting with our own heart is the real essence of all true healing.  But work on the heart is something that we each must do for ourselves.  Nobody else can do this for us.  Courage is important in this kind of work, for you have to face your own thoughts, feelings, words, and desires. I can help to guide you through the troubled waters of the subconscious, the mind, the soul, and the body, but I can not do the work for you.  It’s important to ask yourself, “What would I do differently in my life if I felt as healthy and happy as I possibly could?  How would I give to others?  What would my mission statement look like?  What would be my spiritual quest?”

Each individual is at a unique place in their journey toward wholeness.  Some people may not be ready to face the truth of their own inner being, and therefore may not be ready for this type of deep emotional and spiritual work.  I liken the healing process to the peeling of an onion: it progresses in layers.  We open the elimination organs, discharge toxins, repair tissue, balance energy, and resolve emotions.  Periodic follow-up visits allow me to confirm that the healing is going in the right direction, and to adjust treatment as the process unfolds.  Thus the patient not only begins to notice the disappearance of symptoms, but continually moves closer to a state of wholeness and happiness.

Healing for Children and The Inner Child

I love working with children and families.  Fathers and mothers, and the way they parent, can profoundly affect the heart of a child.  In most cases, children can heal quickly, and can be raised in a manner that does not suppress their bodies, their feelings, or their spirits.  I often find that many adults need to work on issues with their parents, and make peace with them in order to heal the inner child, which is an aspect of their soul.  Until this inner child is healed, people cannot fully realize their potential or experience happiness as adults.

Wherever you are in your healing journey, I would like to help you to keep moving in the right direction.  Please consider what you have read, and if you feel that this may be an avenue for your true and comprehensive healing, then do give my office a call.  I would love to work with you.

Warren King, L.Ac.


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