Mind, Body and Spirit Interview – Part One

An Interview with Warren King
Recorded on the TV show: Mind, Body and Spirit with host Tina Johnson

Tina: Hi, my name is Tina Johnson and welcome to our show, Mind Body and Spirit. We are fortunate to have an incredible healer here who is located in the Twin Cities. Warren King is our guest today and Warren integrates many holistic healing methods into his practice. Warren helps people to heal. Thank you for being here.

Warren: Thank you Tina, it’s good to be here.

Tina: Warren, you are gaining such a reputation out in the community from helping people to heal serious problems and chronic disease. What are you doing and what do you attribute your success to?

Warren: I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly different than everyone else, except that I incorporate many different techniques in my practice to find the root cause for each person’s illness. These include a developed intuition, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, psychology and spirituality. I always focus on what the real cause is underneath the symptoms. When we address the cause, the symptoms go away.

Tina: You have studied so many different healing modalities. Can anybody learn to be a healer or is this something that comes from within?

Warren: I think if people have the compassion and a desire in their heart to heal they should follow it and the technique will develop. If they see someone suffering and think, “How can I help relieve this person’s suffering,” they will find a way. They will also find that certain people can’t get better and they’ll pray and ask, “How can I help these people.” The answers will come. That’s how you develop more and more abilities. It’s important to realize we are not the healer. The body is the healer. The energy in the body heals itself. We are just instruments and should not take credit for healing another. Our desire is to take away what is blocking the healing, then the body will take care of itself.

Tina: What led you into becoming the person that helps clear those blockages for people? What is your background and how did you discover your gifts?

Warren: My father was a medical doctor, a surgeon opthamologist, and my brother is now a family physician. In addition, many of my friends became doctors, so I was naturally drawn into the healing arts.

I became a vegetarian as a teenager and noticed when I changed my diet my consciousness started changing too. I recall one event in my life that changed my thoughts regarding diet how it influences us: I was eating a Twinky and my friend said, “You know when you die you are not going to decompose.” That was the first time I read a label, saw all the chemicals and started thinking, “What are these doing in the body?”

I attended Cornell University pre-medical school then was drawn to study eastern philosophy and religion. I also studied psychology. One time, after getting very sick, I went to an acupuncturist and different healers. These experiences also helped to shape my course and I went on to study acupuncture. I worked at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and then studied Auricular medicine, which is a fascinating healing technique working with the ear. After graduating from acupuncture school, undergoing homeopathy training, all the while working on myself spiritually, I began putting it all together in my practice.

Through many years of practice and learning from my patients, I see what works and what doesn’t. A lot of my focus is on diet because that’s something people can manage in their daily life and helps them feel better quickly.

Tina: I’m sure you do a lot of experimenting yourself.

Warren: Yes. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Before I let someone else take something, I always try it out on myself.

Tina: What is disease from your point of view?

Warren: I think when most people think of disease they think of the label. We see the symptoms, do these fancy tests then give the symptoms a Latin name. Arthritis, for example, just means “the joints are inflamed.” Chinese medicine doctors call it, “heat in the joints.” Fibromyalgia just means “the fibers hurt.”

Instead of giving diseases these fancy names and treating the symptoms, I consider what is out of balance in the body. Often, there is a combination of different organs that are out of balance and creating the symptoms. Krinefelter’s disease might cause five specific symptoms but we may find that underneath these, the liver and kidneys, or perhaps other organs, are out of balance and causing the symptoms to appear. It’s not really a disease per se, but rather an imbalance of the organs. We can help this person by providing ways to clear the toxins and help the organs heal. Then the symptoms go away and there is no more disease or Latin label.

Tina: What do you believe is the root cause of many of the diseases that are out there, such as fibromyalgia?

Warren: The reason why diseases are so difficult for most people to get a handle on is because there is often five or six things going on at the same time. You might have metal toxicity such as mercury affecting the brain or the kidneys. In addition, there might be parasites in the large intestine or gall bladder. There could be a fungus or yeast in the intestinal tract. Many people have allergies to the foods that are commonly eaten. There is emotional trauma from events in the past that are suppressed which cause an imbalance in the organs.

Disease builds up like layers of an onion. We have to peel off the layers. People will feel a little better and hen a little more better. Finally after some months, all the layers are peeled and the person is not only cured, but they are often glad they had it in the first place. Through the healing process, they learned a lot about themselves and have become stronger. They learned what made them sick, especially the emotional and mental aspects. They have changed their habits and are happier people at the end. Most people, even after surviving serious cancer, are grateful for the disease because it made them more awake and aware.

Tina: What do you see most commonly in your patients today? Where do you start with them?

Warren: Usually I find the digestive track is a key for many people.

Tina: So, for example, the intestines are sluggish or not working?

Warren: There is usually some sort of microorganism that is out of balance. Almost everyone in our society has been on antibiotics which wipe out the good bacteria, acidophilus and good flora. When those are gone, anything can grow in the resulting environment. Taking antibiotics, birth control pills, steroids, even drinking chlorinated water, can kill these good bacteria. Wiping these intestinal bacteria out even just once allows anything to grow in the GI tract. When the fungi, yeast, bacteria, parasites and viruses overgrow, they create toxins that are absorbed into the blood stream, affect the liver and the kidneys and create any number symptoms you can imagine.

There are certain things you can do through diet to starve these bugs. Remedies such as acidophilus help return the good flora to the body. This is one of the keys for eliminating food allergies and then healing the immune system, and the entire body.

Tina: So, do you start typically with the digestion and elimination?

Warren: Toxins enter the body, get lodged and then stop important functions. People get symptoms like headaches. Then the person will take over-the-counter medications or things they hear about in advertisements. Most of these suppress the body’s attempt to clean out the toxins, so the body will find another way to clear them such as through the skin, in the form of a skin rash or eczema, or through the sinuses for example. Any symptom you could imagine can occur. These are all signs that the body is trying to get rid of these toxins by pushing them places. If the elimination process is suppressed too long, then the body has no way to get rid of the toxins and it starts depositing them where they begin to damage organs. If the body deposits them in the gall bladder, it becomes diseased and we will need it taken out. If the body deposits them in the prostate, we begin to have prostate problems. Push them in the breast and we can get breast tumors or cysts. So instead of suppressing these organs we open them up so the body can clear these toxins naturally through regular elimination. Then the problems go away.

Tina: You mentioned food sensitivities. It would be my guess that lots of people have food sensitivities. \

Warren: You would be amazed. That is why people feel better so quickly when they eat certain foods. There seems to be a pattern: I went to my son’s school and tested 10 children we chose at random. I tested them with 30 foods that kids commonly eat. The foods that they eat the most and crave the most were usually the ones they were allergic to. Some of the foods that cause allergic reactions are dairy, wheat, corn, tomatoes and potatoes.

Tina: You mean McDonald’s French fries!

Warren: McDonald’s French fries have salt that contains aluminum, a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The yeast inside the body causes people to crave certain foods, especially the sugary foods. These bugs actually have an intelligence, they can control your mind by saying, “feed us, we need it.” If you stop eating these foods they often leave you jittery.

Tina: And these bugs live in the body?

Warren: Yes. When the blood sugar drops you need something to lift it back up; you crave sugar. When the sugar gets too high, you may crave coffee or cigarettes. It’s like a yo-yo; the blood sugar trying to keep in balance. People are really trying to heal themselves but they don’t have the right tools. Instead of sugar they could, for example, eat winter squash or sweet potato to help raise their blood sugar. We need to educate people. Almost this entire generation have forgotten how to cook. People are putting a lot of stress on their bodies and organs by eating out so much, especially at fast food restaurants.

Tina: Do you find that kids today have more allergies to things like dairy products? Are the kids in general having more problems these days?

Warren: Yes. They start out healthy but we suppress their symptoms. When I tested the kids mentioned earlier for dairy, they were all 100% allergic to milk products. They’re getting it at school three times a day. Their bodies are dealing with dairy all day long.

Tina: It is part of the four food groups.

Warren: They are changing that now. Doctors are saying many people may be allergic to dairy products. Kids can heal themselves; the body’s first line of defense is a fever, it burns out the infection. But we are so scared of the fever, which is the body’s way of healing itself, that we give them something to lower the fever, so how do the bugs go away? They don’t. They stay in the body. The problem then becomes chronic, instead of an acute fever, we get chronic fatigue or other chronic illness. If we get an ear infection and we suppress it with a drug, we keep getting ear infections over and over again.

Tina: How can we get rid of that bug or parasite in the body?

Warren: The body knows how to heal itself. We need to find out what it is trying to do and then assist it. We might use a homeopathic remedy, an herb, or a vitamin to help the immune system fight the infection. We might suggest some home remedies such as a compress or a warm bath to help the body’s eliminatory functions. The body can heal itself. It has a divine intelligence that knows what to do, we have to listen to it, tune into it and assist it in the process. Sometimes this process is uncomfortable. We may have a fever and aches and don’t feel good but we need faith in knowing that this is how the body heals itself.

Tina: When someone comes in with food sensitivities and you put them on a different diet plan, what can typically happen for that person?

Warren: Well, at first they’re shocked to learn that the foods that are their favorites, the ones they love and crave and eat everyday, are usually the ones they are sensitive to. The first few weeks are difficult. I try to wean them off these foods by having them add and try new, healthier ones. I offer recipes that use these same healthy ingredients.

First, people feel achy and tired as the body is healing. Usually after two or three weeks, when the body is feeling good, they try to add back in those foods. They often notice an immediate effect. If they were off of eating tomatoes then eat them again, they notice their joints will start hurting. Someone just called the other day saying they went to a Chinese restaurant and ended up in bed for two days afterwards with back pain. This person said, “Now I know what you were talking about!” You see, when we eliminate the foods that cause sensitivities and heal the cause, we can then begin to add back those foods in moderation with no problem. When the cause is healed, the body stops reacting to these foods.

Tina: So you can wean someone back onto some of these foods?

Warren: Yes, they can all be added back eventually. I just recommend that 70% of their diet be composed of healthy foods. Once your body’s innate intelligence is re-established, it tells you what to eat. The other day, I advised someone who had followed a healthy healing diet that they could experiment with other foods again. She put an artificially colored piece of licorice in her mouth and gagged. Her body wouldn’t let her swallow it. That is how this intelligence can work and keep you out of trouble.

Tina: So the cravings can go away?

Warren: You would be amazed at the chocoholics who, after six months, I advised they could try chocolate again and they couldn’t eat it. They tasted it and spit it out saying it was too bitter or too strong. Their bodies are used to the sweet taste of carrots, squash, stir fried onions and brown rice of the healing diet. They reject this imbalanced substance of concentrated sugar and chocolate. They can’t understand it in the beginning, but in the end they realize the power of food. These people do occasionally have a rice syrup or barley malt sweetened dessert, or a piece of fruit to satisfy them. After getting their blood sugar balanced, their body will tell them if they have gone out of balance. They will have a heightened awareness of the body’s attempts to balance itself.

Tina: Is there an ideal diet for everybody?

Warren: Earlier in my practice, I recommended specific diets such as the macrobiotic diet and the raw foods diet. I noticed for some people it worked and for others it made them sicker. So now I have a way of using a feedback system to ask the body which foods are stressors and which are not. Then they can eat for their particular body’s needs. Some people may be able to eat red meat and honey. Other people may not be able to eat grains at all. It really depends on the person and what they need.

I always individualize the healing diets. I also developed a typical healing diet which calls for avoiding certain major foods that 90% of the people I tested have problems with in the beginning of the healing process. These include: tomatoes potatoes, sugar, milk products, red meat, artificial flavors, peanuts, processed fruit, wheat and corn. By cutting out these foods, people feel better immediately, then we gradually add then back as the system heals itself.

Tina: You have a system in place where you can test people to find out what their sensitivities are. How do you do this and what is your primary way of testing?

Warren: There are many ways to find out what is happening in the body. Many cultures have ways of finding these things out without expensive equipment. The system I work with is a French system called Auricular Medicine. The auricle is the outer part of the ear.

The body is like a hologram. The DNA has a map of the whole body in every cell. Each part of the body has a map of the whole. Iridology, for example, uses a map on the iris of the eye. Reflexology uses a map of the body in the foot. There is facial diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and even pulse diagnosis. I prefer the ear because not only can I find out what is happening in great detail in the different organs and glands but I can treat it with acupuncture needles, lasers, electric stimulation, pellets or even with massage. Many symptoms can be eliminated this way.

Tina: You have a series of tapes called A New Paradigm in Healing where you talk about rubbing the ears and how healing that can be.

Warren: When we look at a map of the ear, we can see for example where the neck point is. When we massage this point, often we can find immediate relief in the neck. Actually, the neck is how I got into using this technique in earnest: At the time, I was performing primarily regular needle acupuncture on my patients. One patient, who was having neck surgery soon, drove an hour to see me because the doctor who was doing the operation wanted to keep her out of pain until the surgery. As I picked up my needle to start her treatment, she said, “No, no needle for me.” So I took a little BB, taped it on the neck point of her ear and told her to massage it everyday and then see me three weeks after the surgery. She came back in three weeks and I said, “Well, how was the surgery?” She told me when she massaged the BB, the pain was eliminated so the doctor said there was no reason for the surgery! That was when I saw the power of this technique.

Tina: What kind of conditions do people come and see you for?

Warren: Everything you can imagine. They have all sorts of symptoms. Depression, pain, headaches, infertility, fatigue are very common conditions.

Tina: Can you help somebody stabilize their blood sugar to the point where they can move off of insulin? Have you been able to do that?

Warren: It’s difficult especially if they have been on medication for many years. Often if they are on drugs like the Glucophage or the Actose, that are working on the blood and pancreas, it is more simple to treat. When they are on insulin often we can get the blood sugar down to a very low level, then it becomes very stable and predictable. They do not have to test it all the time. They know internally how they feel and they know when the blood sugar is low. Some will lose a lot of weight and get off insulin. More often I find people able to get off their thyroid and female hormones.

Tina: Warren, you not only work on the physical body but you have a philosophy around the thoughts and emotions and the role they play in healing. Can you share how thoughts and emotions affect our healing?

Warren: Thoughts and emotions are an important key. Five years ago people would come in with parasite or yeast and I would give them anti-parasitics or anti-yeast treatments. They would feel better for maybe three months. Six months later they would come back with the same symptoms. I would ask, “Why are we not getting rid of this? Why is it not healing?” Later I found it was the emotions that were the cause, even with serious diseases. In Chinese medicine each organ is connected with a certain emotion. for example, the liver is connected with anger, the kidneys with fear, the spleen with worry, the heart with sadness and the lungs with grief.

I find that at ages two to four years are when people first start suppressing their emotions. Even as an infant, they learn, “Don’t cry.” That is the first thing that blocks the lungs. Then in the future they may get bronchitis, they will receive antibiotics for the symptoms and it starts them on the spiral of disease. So often as people heal, these buried emotions come up; they may feel like crying for no reason. Once we heal the emotional patterns, the physical organs associated with these emotions heal. I find homeopathy is very good for this. There are acupuncture channels associated with each organ as well. The energy in these channels becomes stagnant when the emotions are stagnated. It becomes like a pond. If a river is flowing, the water is clear. As soon as it stagnates, the bugs grow. Instead of focusing on the bugs, focus on keeping the water flowing. Then the bugs cannot grow there.

I did an experiment with my son. We took two sterilized jars and filled them with rice and sealed them. Every day after school he would say to one jar of rice, “You fool, you idiot!” and he would send bad energy to it. To the other jar of rice he would say, “I love you, you are beautiful.” After three weeks we opened the jars up. The one he sent good energy to smelled like miso, nice and fermented with good bacteria. The other one smelled rotten and putrid. Try this yourself.

The lesson behind my son’s experiment is that our bodies are made of a substance that responds to our thoughts. If we are sending negative thoughts like, “I hate myself, I’m bad,” even at the subconscious level, these little bacteria are listening and responding. Our thoughts affect what grows in our bodies.

Tina: Does the work that you do with people help them get into that subconscious level? Do you work to bring up some of the negative thought forms people may have?

Warren: Many people do not remember anything before age eight. There is a purpose for that. People suppress their past because it is painful. If we are three years old and our father is an alcoholic who beats us, we can’t express our anger. We keep it buried until we are an adult, then, at the appropriate time, we can bring it out and heal it.

Tina: If someone comes to see you and all of a sudden they have, for example, anger, when they are going through your healing program, is it going to be something that is more than they can handle? Are they going to go through a crisis or is it a gentle process that they work through?

Warren: It is a delicate balance. Some people do have to go to counseling if they have never looked at their emotional issues and all of a sudden these are brought to a conscious level. Sometimes we need help and we need people to listen as we talk things through. Sometimes people work it out through their dreams. They may have dreams about lots of fighting as they work things out unconsciously. They say they notice they feel better afterward. It’s hard to predict how people will respond. We need to keep an eye on people so they don’t have a crisis.

Tina: So it is possible they may have to see someone else to compliment their program with you.

Warren: Yes.

Tina: What role does spirituality play in healing the physical body?

Warren: I think we should ask the question: What is the soul and what is the body? I believe the body is just a mask and the soul is incarnate in matter. Our soul is expressed through our body. We know the heart represents love. So when you have a heart problem, it’s telling your soul subconsciously you have a problem with love and with communicating with yourself. If you have a lung problem, you have a problem communicating with others. If there is a kidney problem, fear is an issue. If there is a foot problem, there is a problem with feeling grounded on the earth. We have to look at the symbology of the body. When people look at it this way they can move through their problems quicker. They do not need the symbols any more once they have learned the lesson.

Tina: They can just clear it and then move on?

Warren: Yes. And I believe there are other beings, spiritual angels, masters, saints who help us. Some people pray to get better, not just for their own benefit, but also so they can serve others. They sense they have a mission but they feel their health is keeping them back. When they pray intensely with faith, whoever the healer is or by whatever method, they will find a way to get better. The universe wants nothing more than for everyone to be healthy. We have created our illnesses and we have to un-create them by clearing of the blockages we created. That is the issue with bugs such as parasites and yeast. There is a similar theme with people who feel like a victim of their disease. When they stop feeling like victims and start taking responsibility, they heal.

Tina: Where do you think the healing is going for our country?

Warren: I think to a good crisis. I see people coming in who are overweight and actually contemplating undergoing a $50,000 surgery to staple their stomach in half. Often, three or four months on a good diet and a few remedies and vitamins will take care of the issue. People are not looking at the cause; they are looking at the symptoms. Health insurance is very expensive. People think health food, organic food and vitamins are expensive but compared to what it may cost them years down the line, it’s well worth it.

There’s a saying in Japan: Wherever there is a front there is a back. In the front, Cheeseburgers and microwave pizza is easy and fast. But in the back, the last thirty years of their life, because of the causes we set in motion, we can’t remember our children and we’re creeping around in a wheelchair. We have to recognize our priorities when eating; then the body can take care of itself. We also have to take care of it by giving it healthy things like proper rest. We also need to learn to listen to its needs.

Tina: Even if someone is eating right and taking care of themselves, the environment still plays a role in our health. How would you say the environment affects us physically?

Warren: When we look at all the increasing diseases out there, we realize the environment itself is very toxic. A study was recently performed on blood in people. They were surprised to see just how much plastic is found the body. With all the microwaving of foods wrapped in plastic for example, plastic leaks into the body through the food. Another example is mercury in tooth fillings; most do not recognize that it causes a chronic problem. There is mercury and aluminum in vaccinations. There is aluminum in salt and pesticides in tap water. Our water is a soup of chemicals. Fluoride and Chlorine are carcinogens. There is also arsenic and lead to be concerned about in the environment.

Tina: And there is nothing we can do?

Warren: We can start by getting a good water filter and drinking clean water. We are made up of almost 80% water so we need to make sure the water entering our body is clean. Clean water is especially important for our children.

Tina: I’d like you to quickly demonstrate how somebody can know whether something is good for their system or bad for their system.

Warren: With my technique I take your pulse. I can come in toward the liver point on the ear and can feel you are out of balance in the liver because I feel a change in your pulse. When I hold this point, it reflects to the brain that balances your liver, then I can feel changes in your pulse. A way for you to see this technique is to hold your hand by your liver and place your middle finger and little finger together. Now I’m going to pull them apart. They are a bit strong. Now hold this bottle of medicine to your liver. Now your fingers are stronger. Now I’m going to give you something else to hold next to your liver. (Now Tina can’t hold her fingers together at all). You were holding a box of Swiss chocolate. Chocolate is toxic to the liver.

Tina: So anybody can do this at home?

Warren: You can experiment with it but I wouldn’t rely on it 100%. It depends on how the brain is balanced.

Tina: What would be your closing comments to the audience?

Warren: Inside all of you is a light that is divine, that is the true self. It is all-knowing all-loving, and all-powerful. If you focus on that light it will talk to you. It will lead you the right way. Have faith in it. Follow your intuition. Follow your dreams that you are given and the symbols in your life. The universe wants nothing better for you than to feel good and to find your reason for being. If you have your reason for why you are on this earth and what your mission is then everything else will flow. Follow your own heart. Do not listen to other people, listen to what you know because often you are the only one who knows you best.

Tina: Thank you. How would people be able to get a hold of you if they would like more information about what you have to offer?

Warren: Go to my web site first: This site has many articles, food recommendations, learning products such as my taped seminars, information on Qi Gong exercises, diet and healthy recipes. It has lot of information that will lead you on the path to healing.

Tina: Thank you for joining us!


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