A Now That Never Came – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


Where I Am in sacred now
The present, all divine
There is no there, or when or how
Or depth or breadth or time
Try to project a future
As a now that never came
Try to force seeds to mature?
Do you want to go insane?
Brain molecules of memory
Make a self built on a past?
Your choice is bondage or be free
Does anything really last?
Right now I see a flower
I hear a child laugh
All forms of one great power
We know our selves but half
Something must complete us
A toy, a girl, a man?
The next appointment mad to rush
Let nothing mar our plan
Who is that Self that’s acting?
That tastes the fruit of life
There is something never changing
That knows nothing of our strife
Between each ticking of the clock
There dwells a secret door
All mortal doings it seems to mock
That space we’re seeking for
Call it heaven, bliss, Nirvana
Try to enclose it in a name
For the hungry it is Manna
Deep within we’re all the same


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