An Ode to Water – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


No odor doth thou release to nose
Nor color to the eye
No savor to the thirsting tongue
Now I think that I know why
Repeated drops a canyon carves
And labyrinths of caves
Reflecting all when stillness reigns
Or pounding rock to sand with waves
Two hydrogen they say you have
Is not that the composition of the Sun?
One oxygen combined with these
With the breath of Life you’re one
So mix the spirit fire
With the mind of air
And you get this substance
To which nothing can compare
Cycling through all nature
Ocean, clouds and rain
Flowing in all bloodstreams
Over chemistry supreme you reign
You purify and crystallize
With no seeming effort in your task
No life exists without you
But never thanks you ask
Merely streaming on your way
Without a backward glance
Nurturing at every turn
All being you enhance
Mother I might call you
For all that thou dost give
Or Water, as your common name
I thank you that I live


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