Inner Truth – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


O truth how shall I find thee?
No two seem to agree
The errors seem to bind me
All I want is to be free
I’ve searched in churches many
Read a multitude of books
But still have not found any
That haven’t any hooks
But when I close my eyes and pray
There’ a burning in my heart
I feel that flame will light my way
From there my journey starts
First I feel pure wisdom
Golden thoughts of light
Of my mind I take dominion
That I may do what’s right
Then I’m charged with power
Blue lightning blazing through
God’s will I’ll do each hour
His purposes so true
At last I’m filled with only love
Pink fragrant rose of bliss
I’ll make this world like that above
And heal all that’s amiss
With purity of motive
Determined to do good
My life shining like a votive
I’ll do exactly what God would
So finally I feel at peace
All of life’s my very friend
The sense of doubt of fear released
My torn soul is on the mend


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