Into the World – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.

Into the World

All was dark and peaceful
The thumping was my time
Waking, floating, dreaming
Not yet was me or mine
But once there was a pressure
A squeezing from behind
My muffled liquid ruptured
The light near made be blind
Was then I screamed with all my might
And inbreathed my first air
And felt a flame burn in my heart
A caress on my hair
A hush, then ooh and ahh was heard
“Indeed it is a boy”
‘Tis cold, then my first big warm hug
And this nipple my first toy
Then they cut my lifeline
Through belly drink I breathed
Hunger felt for the first time
I knew what to do it seemed
I opened wide my grasping lips
And sucked with all my might
So sweet and warm with tenderness
Seemed like nectar liquid light
Occasionally I looked around
A voice or two I knew
But drink and sleep and pee and poo
Was mainly what I’d do
Between two worlds I came and went
When they thought me sleeping sound
‘Twas then I was truly awake
My heaven home I found
“Your’re perfect” my dear angel said
And I pray you won’t  forget
You descend for holy purpose
And time enough you’ll get
Then a feeling lower down
Some burning and some sound
Oh yes again the infant form
“What is it, mamma frowned”
Though I spoke so plainly
My voice seemed but coo or cry
Soon they figured out my needs
And I knew that I’d get by
When angel or a master
Would visit by my crib
My face alight with happiness
And drool upon my bib
But no others saw my friends of old
Yet they seemed to like me smile
And so I switched between two worlds
At least for a little while
Sleeping less, and more awake
On knees I could now roam
These servants answer all my cries
And soon this was my home
Noise and color everywhere
The different shapes had names
Daddy’s face would come and go
Flying was my favorite game
I still talked with elves and saints 
That God to me did send
But was told I liked to make believe
And they scoffed my subtle friends
Soon the outer senses 
Became my only world
So much to learn and see and say
I was my face and curls
Cute and good and bad was I
My identity my name
“No” I heard now more and more
“Too messy” were my games
Mommy’s belly swelled again
Was a sister said my dream
And so it was, a baby came
For the first time “I was mean.”
No words had I then to describe
But feelings boiled and seethed
They’d fret over every baby cry
Suddenly I was never seen
“I’m here!” I’d say in many ways
“Shush! She’s sleeping,” would they snarl
But if I cleaned or quiet stayed
Then I was “good” and was a marvel.
I can’t recall too much from then
But three more babies came
I was mommy’s little helper
They’d confuse up all our names


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