Perfection that I AM – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.

Perfection that I AM

How can I accept myself
For all the wrongs I’ve done
How can I find the peace
And feel not two but one
The more I try the more I fail
And soon failure I expect
In self fulfilling prophecy
That’s exactly what I get
But maybe the perfection that
I know that I can be
Isn’t found in outer world
But just alone in me
The cherishment I’ve craved for
From family, friends or food
Can never fill my loneliness
Or forever lift my mood
What if I first love myself
Knowing God is on my side
And let go all my worries
That in peace I might abide
And hear that still, unspoken voice
That thunders in my heart
It’s not what you say or what you do
You’re loved for what thou art
For once upon a mountain
A brave and humble man
Asked God what his name was
The reply, “I AM That I AM.”
What if that I AM in me
That has given me a Self
Is like that burning bush of old
Put your self doubt on the shelf
Tell them I AM, he hath sent you
For those who don’t believe
And that God in you is able
To meet your every need
Now I can be all satisfied
As grateful as I can
For in truth I’m really one
With God, the Great I AM.


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