Space – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.


I gaze into the midnight sky
So many stars I see
Who can know the how and why?
Of cosmic galaxy

Does time and space have an end?
My world is oh so small
A thought of awe and wonder send
A message to the All

Of consciousness all is made
Empty space does not exist
From pure Love without shade
Of this it does consist

Energy and life force
Condensed or spread apart
Within each part dwells the source
There is no end or start

The being who ensouls the sun
An average star, they say
Shall a galaxy become
For that is nature’s way

Beyond the universe AM I
Transcend all finite form
Yet answer every child’s cry
And make all Life reborn


In quasars AM I singing
In pulsars do I shine
In wedding bells I’m ringing
Everything’s divine


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