Transcendent Self – A Poem by Warren King, L.Ac.

Transcendent Self

Part of me it does so seem
Dwells beyond all form
Only but a spark of me
Was in this world reborn
When I still the outer mind
And calm my heart and breath
‘Tis then I feel within my soul
There really is no death
Immortal is the Life I AM,
The truest self of me
All that can be beheld by sense
Is not my identity
Long ago, it seems I yearned
For more experience
So I projected but a part
Into realms more dense
At first all my creations
Obeyed my least command
Brilliant ideations
Flowed from my heart and hand
I only had to visualize
Intone the blessed word
And all those little atoms
Outpictured what they heard
So slowly and so subtle
More slide than was a fall
My own creations held me
Until they weren’t mine at all
Now I was a subject
In an object world
Like a flash of lightning
Into a mud ball hurled
O how long I did forget
Trudging in the dark
A hall of mirrors, shadowland
Though dream, it seemed so stark
Yet not alone, for others stuck
In the webs they too had weaved
So easy was to enter in
But not so for to leave
By the Grace of my main self
Yet in the realms above
My spark, fanned, flamed and kindled
By a whisper of that Love
Come home dear child
I thought I heard it say
Leave all your toys behind you
Follow, I will light the way
At first it did seem easy
Just skip into the light
While I sing a song of praise
And hold that Presence tight
But then the forest thickened
The path was not so clear
My light seemed but an ember
Where was my God self, dear?
First you must now uncreate
All the wrong you made
And when it holds nothing for you
Then you’ll pass this grade
Now in a giant labyrinth
With a monster at its core
How can I ever retrace my way
Be free forevermore
Shadows would attack me
And whisper in mine ear
Give up, don’t try, yet I persist
Even as I shed a tear
And then the battle rages
As if beset on by a horde
My faith my only armor
My will my single sword
Soon the din had ended
The smoke began to clear
Now the light was brighter
Undimmed by doubt or fear
A bliss began to fill me
I knew I must be home
A peace, now never ending
And nevermore to roam
No sooner had I got there
When wholeness wasn’t all
What of friends left behind
Who to the Lord still call
So back to form I went again
Descending from above
With service as my motive
To be the hand of love
Now I tread this earth in peace
To work and to have fun
In all I know and all I meet
I always greet the One


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