Distance Testing

Although it is always better to be able to see a patient in person, I have found that I do have the ability to test patients long distance. At first I realized this because other people or even their pets would show up during a session and I could test though the person on the table what their loved ones or pets would need. Then I found I could do surrogate testing, where I would have someone lie on the table and balance them out, then have them hold a photo or saliva or hair from another person and I would start to read that other person, or pet. I have now found that if I have balanced myself, I could think of the patient with a question and test on myself and find what they would need. So I have started doing phone consultations, where I put the person on speaker phone and then test them through myself, and find what they need. I have been getting good feedback with the results. I would say that the results are perhaps 80% as accurate as in person, and their is less information that comes up than in an office visit, it is much better than guessing. So if there is no way to get to me in person, we can still work together on getting you healthy.

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