Dental Compatibility Testing

The mouth is a very important part of the body. The electrical energies of the body goes through the teeth. If any substance in the teeth block the acupuncture meridians that end at the teeth it can throw off the body. Plus many dental materials are toxic and they are absorbed in the body and can create heath issues. Some materials such as mercury are so toxic they can cause severe illness and even early death. Often people I work with eventually have to have their mercury (called silver filling) out of their mouths, but it is important that will all the hastle and expense, you don’t replace it with some other material that is toxic to the body.

 Using the practice of Auricular Medicine and the pulse testing that goes with it I can if a dental substance is compatible with the body. I can test the filling materials, anesthetics, cements, glues, crown materials and denture materials. It is so worth finding what materials you body can handle before you have the dental work done.

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