Why America is Fat

I have been pondering lately on why Americans are become so large so quickly. I think it is much more than we are eating more quantity of food and not exercising enough. It is true that we are what we eat, we take on the energy of the food we eat, it’s consciousness.  The chickens we eat mature in 42 days, half the time it took decades ago, cow’s are fattened on corn and given antibiotics to fatten them up. Now salmon has been genetically engineered to double in size and farmed fish are like couch potatoes, eating food not made for fish and with hardly room to move. Eggs are mostly made from chickens that are trapped in cages and can never move around. Milk has growth hormone to force the poor cows to produce an extra 10% more of milk. Even our vegetables and fruits have gotten larger with hybrids but more tasteless with less life force energy than they had in the past. Everything is big and fast, and we are getting fast big!  We need to get back to eating organic food mostly raised locally by loving and caring farmers.

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