METAL (The 5 elements)

Those on earth, they call me real

No phantasm, or cloud, with me you’ll feel

Hit your thumb with a hammer, bang!

I am the essence who is most Yang

Those of the east, they named me metal

Perhaps the new age shall call me crystal

Strength, and tension, pressure and strain

The bone of form, the skull for your brain

God’s kingdom extended to the realms most dense

Valiant souls, they then journeyed hence

The fist of the victor, the diamond, the will

The spine of a cactus, an avalanche spill

To air I am thunder, to water I’m hail

My iron stokes fires, to wood I’m the nail

To earth I’m the shovel, I’m the essence of men

The bullet, the sword blade, the tip of the pen

The teeth of the lion, the nails of a hare

Feel my action, if indeed you dare!

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