Testimonial-Major Digestive Issues

About twenty years ago, 1991, I began to have digestive problems that brought on pain and over all continual discomfort.  I went to an MD and after the normal tests and such the doctor recommended that I have my gall bladder taken out. The procedure was done laproscopically and it was a rather easy procedure.  However, a few days after this procedure, I was again experiencing pain shortly after I had eaten. I went back to the doctor and they recommended an ERCP procedure.   This is a process where they go down your throat with several instruments and clean out your bile duct. After the ERCP procedure, things went on fairly well until 2005.  That’s when I began to have severe  pain in my stomach, similar to the pain I had in 1991.

I then went back to an MD and he lined me up with a gastroenterologist and I had another ERCP. The pain continued and I went back 10 days later for another ERCP.  It wasn’t long before the pain returned.  I saw another MD who had me see another gastroenterologist who suggested I have another ERCP. To make a long story short, I had two more of these procedures and the result was always the same, the pain and indigestion would come back.  The next step in the standard medical profession is a large operation where they re-route your liver, your pancreas, and then route your bile duct directly into your small intestine. I decline this as it is a serious operation without any guarantee of success.

Not long after that, a niece of mine told me about a natural practitioner that completely solved her difficulty with dizziness. She had had this condition for several years and had been to many doctors of different specialties with little or no help. She attended a special clinic where many doctors of varying practices were offering their skills in dealing with many human ailments.  One of the people she visited with was Warren King.  Warren King, with diet alone, resolved her dizziness almost at once. Because she is aware that I am having stomach problems, she told me her story several times over the course of two to three years.  Ultimately, she convinced me to give it a try.

I made an appointment with Warren King and he asked that I bring in a list of everything that I use to help the digestive problem . He asked what type of food I eat, among other things.  Incidentally, my intake of food before I met Warren was mostly bland soup and crackers.  The pain would be so severe that there were many times I would simply eat nothing at all. I lost weight that I did not need to lose and I had very little get up and go.

Warren ran a few tests on me and said I would have to change my diet for a little while and prescribed several herbs and vitamins that he used to get my condition corrected and for me to get my life  back on track. I was so negative about my condition that after my first session with Warren I asked how long it would be before I would feel relief and would be able to eat normally. I was very anxious and hopeful at the same time.  He told me I would see a big difference in about two weeks and then more slowly I would be back to normal.  I am now taking vitamin c, milk thistle, a multi herb,  and fish oil and all of these would be good for anyone with perfect health.  These are all natural things that are good for anyone with or without a health condition.

The one thing I have seen with Warren is that he is very positive and when he diagnoses your condition he is on it and knows what your needs are to restore your health.  He is intelligent, he is friendly, and you can contact him by email or by phone and you won’t wait long for his reply. He also has a gal by the name of Elizabeth working with him and she is there with perfect direction and solution to your needs at the time. She and Warren have almost angelic ways.  Concern and consideration is what you will see.  It has been a few days over a year since my first visit with Warren and I am so grateful for the turnaround my life has taken. If anyone has a digestive condition similar to mine I would very much recommend seeing Warren King.         J. O.,  Coon Rapids,  MN


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