Symptom Suppression

In Japan there is a saying. “Where there is a front, there is a back. The bigger the front, the bigger the back.” Walk into any drug store or supermarket and you will find shelf after shelf of bottles for every symptom under the sun: headaches, pain, sleeping, allergies, congestion, coughs, skin eruptions, etc.. . Prescription drugs can even be more effective at suppressing symptoms than the over the counter drugs. That is the front, your symptom diminishes. Way down the line you may be diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or obesity. That is the back. The stronger and longer the suppression, the worse you may feel later on.


The body has an innate intelligence. It knows what is toxic and seeks to expel it from the body. A baby will get a rash, or runny nose. If suppressed with cortisone cream or anti-congestant, then the symptom may clear, but in a year, seemingly out of the blue they now have asthma. More cortisone and more antibiotics, then they have attention problems…more drugs. The body is never let to have a good fever to burn out toxins and bugs, due to aspirin. If suppressed enough the body will stop discharging toxins and start storing them away. The body has priorities, protect the main organs like the brain and heart, so it may stuff gunk into the gall bladder or uterus, which are often removed. Fat cells are a convenient place to store unwanted toxins. If the inside of the cells become toxic, then you may get auto-immune diseases or cancer.


After decades of suppression they may end up on my table. My forte is to be able to communicate with the intelligence of the body. I have many fine remedies that can open the elimination organs to start effectively eliminating toxins. Some homeopathics can even get inside the cells and help them eliminate things like mercury or lead. If you don’t open the doors (elimination organs like skin, intestines, kidneys and liver) first then you could feel worse before you feel better as the toxins are eliminated from the cells and organs. But I minimize this with a system called drainage (opening the elimination organs).


Toxins have often built up over years and decades, so healing proceeds like the peeling of an onion, in layers. Often after these layers of toxins are eliminated, we find at the core an emotional or spiritual blockage. When these are cleared, healing is mostly complete. We may add some items for rebuilding like vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids. At this point the person is at a level of homeostasis and balance where they feel good. They know what foods help and hinder them and find their own limits. They have good emotional and spiritual hygiene, such as not holding on to grudges or not over giving.


It is so satisfying to work with people as they learn to truly heal at a deep level and regain their zest for life. We have this one body to work with in this life, so let’s make it as healthy as possible that it can be a dependable vehicle for our soul for as long as possible.



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