“How to transmute panic into passion”


I need to transmute panic into passion so that I can get “unstuck” from fear and be excited about starting the next phase of my life. Can you please expand on this? – Caroline


I mentioned to you the need to transmute panic in to passion because of the transition you are going through. I, myself am going through a period of great change as well. When we face the unknown, our unconscious fears are often triggered. Past events can be recalled where everything didn’t turn out as we wanted. When fear and anxiety reach a crescendo, we can get to the point of panic. Our adrenals are pumping out stress hormones, our heart beats faster, our respiration increases, we feel flushed, we can’t sleep and can even have a panic attack where we are frozen with fear.

As you start on the path of Mastery, you want to transmute lower states into higher states. Energy can’t be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Thus the same energy we have when we feel panic is not so different from the feeling of being totally excited and full of passion. People love to go thriller movies because they enjoy this revved up feeling of excitement. When you develop a deep quality of faith and trust in the Spirit and guidance from other dimensions, you can reframe this fear into an excitement. “I wonder how God is going to get me out of this one!” Of course you have to be practical and initiate all kinds of actions, but always set an intention and make a prayer for the highest good. The more positive you feel in your emotional body, the less static you send out to the Universe and the clearer the messages and directions you will receive.

Even if we have gone through difficulties in our lives, in hindsight we can see the growth and evolution in consciousness we have gone through afterwards. I find the mantra “The Will of God is Good” to be helpful when you are trying to tune in to the Divine Plan. Fill yourself with Light by visualizing bright light around you. This actually clears shadow of doubt and anxiety out of your auric field. Trust the Light knows what you need to fulfill your Divine Plan and teach you the right lessons. I’m excited to hear how the next cycle unfolds for you.

Please feel free to post your struggles on our prayer list so the whole community can send you positive hopeful energy and hear of your victories.




  • Caroline D
    July 19, 2018 at 8:47 PM

    Thank you for your reply. When I feel fear arising, I will take deep breaths and fill my auric field with light.
    Peace and joy,