The Soul’s Journey – Book Launch Interview

The Soul’s Journey: A Pre-Life Adventure

An amazing adventure of a soul in heaven planning his next life on Earth. He learns from guides how to stay healthy while in embodiment. He chooses his parents and prepares them for his coming, and goes on adventures in higher and lower realms. The laws of the Universe are revealed in a thrilling story form.

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Early Reviews

The Soul's Journey is nothing short of a literary masterpiece. It is hard to overstate just what an astonishingly profound work this is. This book of light is capable of opening whole new worlds of thought and perception to all those who read it. Do not be surprised if a powerful transformation takes place within you upon completing this book. Prepare to have the veil lifted and many long-pondered questions answered. As you read The Soul's Journey, may you remember your own. And may this book help guide us all to the day when we become forever free.


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