“What can you tell us about infrared saunas?”


Hi Warren,
Hello Warren, does Infrared Sauna πŸ§–β€β™€οΈ Work to help us heal?



My wife is from Finland and sauna, the only Finnish word in the english language, is like a church to them. Every home, apartment and even many businesses have them. There is much research on the benefits of sweating in a sauna: it reduces strokes, benefits the brain and mood, improves endurance, protects the heart, reduces pain and inflammation, improves respiratory function, kills disease causing microbes. Indeed regular sauna uses have less colds and flus in winter.

If instead of once a week saunas, you take one four or more times a week you get a decrease of chances of death from heart disease by 50%, high blood pressure by 47%, dementia by 66%, respiratory diseases by 41% and premature death from all causes boy 40%

The main difference between a far-infrared sauna and the traditional Finnish-style saunas (whether wet or dry) is the Finnish-style sauna heats you from the outside in, like an oven, whereas the infrared sauna heats you from the inside out.

Infrared saunas are particularly known for their ability to promote detoxification, and this inside-out heating is part of the reason for that, as the heat is able to penetrate deeper into your tissues.

Near-infrared penetrates your tissue even more effectively than far-infrared since they have wavelengths under 900 nanometers, which are not absorbed by water like the higher wavelengths in mid- and far-infrared and actually can reach deeper into your tissues to provide their therapeutic benefits.

Near-infrared even helps your body produce melatonin, which may help improve your sleep.
Near-infrared is also particularly beneficial for regeneration of deeper structures such as tendons, bones and cartilage; orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems.

One thing my wife noticed was that after a lifetime of a regular hot stone sauna, when she did a week of near-infrared sauna she had noticeable weight loss.

So even though in my home we have had a sauna for over 20 years, if I was to get a new one, I would get a near-infrared sauna. Plus I find them more comfortable and easier to breathe in.



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