Welcoming New Children to Earth

Let us speak on the process of welcoming new children to earth. Even if you are not planning or able to have children, please listen to this most important talk as you may share wisdom with friends, families or loved ones that may. And even one of these points may make a major difference in someone’s life.

Bringing in children is probably the most important role anyone can play on this planet, and one requiring much forethought and responsibility. One of the only reasons I have hope in the future is that I see the quality of the souls that are now coming to the earth as children. If you read my book: The Soul’s Journey: A Prelife Adventure, then you know my philosophy that a child is not born with a blank slate, but is a soul that has lived before and chooses its parents and knows beforehand the environment and upbringing it will be choosing.

The most important thing prospective parents can do before conception is to work on themselves. Clean up their bodies, organs and cells. The mother especially should make sure she removes any mercury from her dental fillings at least 8 months before conception. Cleansing and fasting and eating clean organic foods including lots of vegetables helps lessen the toxic load. Daily pray for a child of great light to be sent to you, imagine you are like Mother Mary and Joseph.

It used to be thought that the genes are set in stone. But with the recent understanding of epigenetics, things we do in our lifestyle can turn genes on and off so that negative traits don’t have to be expressed. So if an overweight father, loses weight and meditates and feels peace, this can changes the genetic traits that gets passed on to his progeny.

There is a spiritual practice that can be done in welcoming a soul to a body that is different than regular sex. The parents can consciously put their attention on the highest contact with God and Spirit that they can muster at the moment of climax and connection. Build an energy connection with the highest realms of Light to attract a high and advanced soul.

Of course the baby is gestating for 9 months in the belly of the mom and it is her blood quality that will nurture the growing child, so a clean diet, with sufficient protein, good fats including fish oil, minerals and good quality salt, and complex carbohydrates with little simple carbohydrates. So cut out sugar and if sweets are craved have sweet vegetables and fruits.

But the child is also growing in the emotional energy of the mother. So the father has a role in protecting the nest from discords, hardship and arguments. The mother must focus on the beautiful and positive as the child takes in whatever the mother puts her attention on. So movies and news that trigger stress hormones should be minimized.

The child is a soul and you don’t have to wait for the birth to communicate. The parents can talk to the child, welcome it, sing to it, send gratitude to it. When my wife was pregnant I often put my mouth to the belly and would chant and speak to my children. Sometimes at night you may dream of meeting with a child. Occasionally the baby may reveal its name to one of the parents. I think the matter of the sex of the child is totally over emphasized. There must be faith that God and the soul have decided on the correct gender and either one is enthusiastically accepted. There is yin and yang energy of the soul, so a female body may have a very yang or more masculine soul and a male body may have a more yin or feminine soul. Trust and accept what is, as bodies only come in two flavors, but the gradations of souls is endless.

The process of birth is very important to the health and psychology of the incoming child. It is wise to work with an experienced midwife who will take the time to make sure the child is growing in a natural and beautiful way, focusing on health and not always looking for the problems. If you choose to accept whoever the universe sends you, then I don’t see a need for amniocentesis and looking at genetics, unless the intuition guides you to. I know one mother who was told in error that her child had a major problem like Down’s syndrome and was in turmoil for weeks until another test showed it to be false. How did those hormones and negative concepts affect that child.

I don’t think a child, who is on other levels formed by sound vibration, likes to have ultrasound scans. A good midwife can listen to and feel the baby and know its position and how to assist it without high tech instruments.

Seventy percent of babies are naturally born outside of regular weekday working hours, the average being at 4 am. Doctors don’t want to be up all night or on weekends, so they may be tempted to induce more often then needed. Consider having a doula at home that can monitor during contractions and a midwife who is willing to work at any hour. You must use careful guidance when choosing a home birth. With my children we thought of a home birth but were inwardly guided to go to a hospital. Both times my wife would likely have died from bleeding if we had it at home.

Try to get to the hospital as late as possible however, when more dilated,  as doctors and nurses are so fixed on measuring heart rates and taking temperatures and such that they can spoil the spontaneous and mystical experience of the birth of a child. I was able to do acupuncture for my wife’s pain, and it is best to not try to dull the pain of childbirth with chemicals, as this agony is the yin/yang to the bliss that comes afterwards. It is a sacred adventure that all our ancestors have gone through in an unbroken line for billions of years. It is an initiation.

Cesarian section births are out of control with some countries being over 50%. Every baby has a certain time to draw the first breath that should be guided by its own spirit that initiates birth at the proper time, not according to the doctors golf time. A child is supposed to be squeezed out with great pressure and then get the mothers beneficial flora from the vaginal wall.

When our children were born the doctors and nurses wanted to immediately take the child and wash it off with some chemical soaps. We insisted on the baby going to the chest of the mother right away and I cut the umbilical cord myself when the pulsing stopped. We did not want antibiotics in the eyes as the first thing or the taking of heel blood or vitamin K shots right away. And how ridiculous to give a baby, on their first moments of life an injection with the pus of hepatitis B vaccine. Who gets hepatitis? Drug users using dirty needles, prostitutes, those living in filth. Why give a newborn that in modern day life. Well, it would be prejudiced to say only minority inner city children should get the shot and often those parents may not go to doctors in the future, so they inject everyone.

We were the only couple that did not allow our infants to be put in an incubator with other babies to give us a rest. We kept the vigil and kept our children close until released as soon as possible from the hospital.  Allow the proper time for the baby to latch onto the breast and get the only perfect food which is their mothers own milk. Make sure the colostrum in the first few days of nursing it partaken of by the newborn as that is the most important for the building of immunity. If for some reason breast feeding is not possible then another mothers milk is second best and after that is goat milk. Formula is mostly sugar or corn syrup with allergenic proteins like soy or cows milk, so try to avoid all of those. There are homemade formulas that you can find on the internet if needs be.

Keep the mom and baby in the dark in bed at the beginning. Let her have strength building soups and stews and herbs. I have had some dads who say they will focus on work and spend more time with the child when they can react and give feedback.  Those first days and weeks are the child building trust in the universe and can feel that unconditional love. They are taking in all the feelings and energies of the parents and siblings. When a tree is disturbed as a sapling, the whole tree may be crooked for life. So it is with a child that if we don’t give it the right things at the beginning in the womb and soon afterwards, the child may be distorted in its health and psychology for life. So lets get to work, let’s welcome the Children of Light!


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