Mill Valley Kitchen

Mill Valley Kitchen

I am happy that I have found a local restaurant that is healthy and a good deal. It is Mill Valley Kitchen in Saint Loiuis Park on Excelsior Blvd, not far from Whole Foods. The good news is they don’t use canola oil. There are good choices for vegetarians,and those on a gluten free diet, or those who want clean meats.

I had a salad with black beans and a side of roasted vegetables and a side of kale, and my wife had a grass fed beef burger. They have bison burgers as well. I saw venison on the dinner menu.

The desserts have sugar, but are homeopathic in size. They are served in a shot glass, so if you want to splurge you can have the taste of butterscotch or key lime, without all the calories.

All that food was around $40, I expected it to be more, so I’ll be coming back with friends.Mill Valley awning Mill Valley dessert Mill Valley food Mill Valley indoors

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