Fermented or Cultured Vegetable Video

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I’m really excited to be able to share with you a 10 minute video that I made that can really change your life. I have found, and research is now proving, that the balance of the beneficial bacteria in your intestines has a profound effect on your overall health, including your immune and digestive system as well as your weight.


I used to sell lots of high quality beneficial flora products, but lately have found that people can usually do just as well by eating fermented foods on a regular basis. One of the best fermented foods, that has very low allergenic probability, is fermented or cultured vegetables. Just a few tablespoons a day is good for most people, but since the one I show in the video has no salt added you can eat as much as you like. I think most people will notice feeling better after a month on these fermented veggies.


Although you don’t need a starter bacteria to make them, I use one to make sure I have a strain of powerful probiotics in the mix that I order from After 2 weeks of fermenting you will have a superfood that is just better than anything you can find in a store. I hope you try it.


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