Custom Dietary Advice

Through the practice of Auricular Medicine I can test individual foods on people.  This is very useful to find out what foods someone might be sensitive to. If I have someone balanced and then put something like wheat on the tray and the liver point on their ear shows imbalanced, I can tell that it is best for that person to avoid wheat.  I can also ask questions to the body, like how many times a week can this person tolerate milk products or what particular type of milk products can this person tolerate.

 I can thus produce a list of food that are particularly beneficial for a person, which food to have only occasionally, and which foods should be totally avoided.  When a person goes on this custom diet it is amazing what the body can do.  Often the person will find out from their own experience by suffering when eating a food that is best avoided.

 Besides custom made diets that I come up with there are a number of good diets out there, although no diet is for everyone. Thus I can test the body and find out if it best to be on one of the following diets.

 Vegetarian diet

Macrobiotic diet

Weight Watchers

Blood Type diet

Zone diet

Fat Flush diet

Paleolithic diet

Dysbiosis diet

Anti inflammatory diet

Nutritional typing diet

Mediterranean diet

By getting the person on the best diet for their body, the healing happens that much faster.

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