Fat Flush Diet

The Fat Flush Diet by Ann Louise Gittleman

THE FAT FLUSH PLAN’s unique, groundbreaking program targets cleansing the liver – the largest, most versatile organ in the body – and the one most essential to maintaining optimal body weight. Based on a satisfying, healthful, and cleansing combination of essential fats, balanced proteins, and quality carbohydrates, this detoxifying process boosts the liver’s ability to function at its highest level, accelerating weight loss while improving your health.

Simple, safe, and highly effective, THE FAT FLUSH PLAN is an excellent way to begin dieting as well as to continue weight loss. This program can successfully break through the stubborn weight loss plateau every dieter faces, “flushing out” stubborn fat while retaining crucial nutrients.

If you need to:

Trim off inches from your hips, waist and thighs …

Smooth away cellulite…

Give your body a cleansing boost …

Create a lifestyle of healthy eating

Then, here, at last, is a diet that combines common sense and sound science, making it the perfect choice for both first time dieters and those who have had varying levels of success on other programs.

Try THE FAT FLUSH PLAN for accelerated weight loss and weight control while managing hormones and bringing out your most radiant looks! THE FAT FLUSH PLAN is the only system that uncovers and corrects the five hidden factors that sabotage weight loss and vitality: liver health, food sensitivities and resulting waterlogged tissues, fear of eating fat, excess insulin/excess inflammation, and stress.

The Fat Flush process also sets off a domino effect of health benefits:

Increases your metabolism

Gives you more energy

Helps you get a more restful night’s sleep

Stabilizes your moods

THE FAT FLUSH PLAN has three distinct phases, all created to help you lose weight and to cleanse your body, giving you new energy and vibrancy:


Phase 1: The Two-Week Fat Flush 
This initial two-week phase will jumpstart weight loss for dramatic results. Your shape will be transformed as pounds melt away from your body’s favorite fat storage areas – your hips, thighs and buttocks. Some individuals report up a loss of up to 12 inches during this first phase of the diet!


Phase 2: The Ongoing Fat Flush  
This is the next step for those individuals who have additional weight to lose but who also want to pursue a more moderate cleansing program and enjoy a bit more variety in food choices while still losing weight. Phase 2 is designed for ongoing weight loss, until you reach your desired weight or size. 

Phase 3: The Lifestyle Eating Plan 
Phase 3 is the Fat Flush ® maintenance program for lifetime weight control. This phase provides guidelines designed to maintain your healthy weight, and to increase your vitality and well-being for life.

THE FAT FLUSH PLAN also includes detailed meal plans and recipes, an ongoing weight loss program, tips on eating out, and a newly developed lifestyle program for complete detox dieting.


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