Blood Type Diet – Type B

Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Characteristics of Type B – Best on Balanced Omnivores Diet
Comments Most Beneficial Food allowed Food not allowed
Meat and Poultry These meats contains a Type B blood agglutinating lectin. Chicken, Cornish hens, Duck, Goose, Patridge, Quail, Pork
These meats help to boost the immune system lamb, mutton, Venison, Rabbit
Give up chicken, but use these meats instead Beef, Pheasant, Turkey, Veal
Seafood Deep-ocean fish and white fish are great for Type Bs Cod, Salmon, Flounder, Halibut, Sole, Trout All kinds except those listed not allowed
These seafood are poorly digested by Type Bs. They are disruptive to the Type B system. All Shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish, clam, etc), Anchovy, Barracuda, Beluga, Eel, Frog, Lox, Octopus, Sea bass, Snail, Striped bass, Turtle, yellowtail
Dairy Type B is the only blood type that can fully enjoy a variety of dairy foods. That’s because the primary sugar in the Type B antigen is D-galactosamine, the very same sugar present in milk. Cottage cheese, Farmer, Feta, Goat cheese and milk, Kefir, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Milk, Yogurt All kinds except those listed not allowed American cheese, Blue cheese, Ice cream, string cheese
Fats The oils not allowed contain lectins that are damaging to the Type B digestive tract. Olive Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, Peanut, Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower
Nuts Most nuts and seeds are not advisable for Type Bs. They contain lectins that interfere with Type B insulin production All kinds except those listed not allowed Cashews, Filberts, Pine, Pistachio, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds
Beans These beans interfere with the production of insulin for Type Bs. Lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, Beans (pintos, aduke, Azuki, Black)
Grains Wheat reduce insulin efficiency and failure to stimulate fat “burning” in Type Bs Wheat (bran, germ bulgur, durum, whole and white), Shredded wheat, Cream of wheat or any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
Rye contain a lectin that settles in the vascular system causing blood disorders and potentially strokes. Rye and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
These contribute to a sluggish metabolism, insulin irregulariry, fluid retention and fatigue. Buckwheat, Corn (cornflakes, cornmeal) and any products such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products
Millet, Oatmeal (Bran, flour), Puffed Rice, Rice (bran, flour), Spelt All kinds except those listed not allowed Amaranth, Barley, Kasha, Seven-grain, Wild rice, Couscous
Bread Bread (Brown rice, Essence, Ezekiel, WASA), Fin Crisp, Millet, Rice cakes All kinds except those listed not allowed Bagels, Muffins (Corn and Bran), Bread (Multi-grain Rye, Whole wheat), Soba Nooldes, Wild Rice, Couscous
Vegetables This vegetable contain a lectins that irritage the stomach lining of Type Bs. Tomatoes
This vegetable has insulin- and metabolism-upsetting lectins for Type Bs Corn
The mold in this can trigger allergic reactions Olive
These vegetables contain magnesium, an important antiviral agent to help Type Bs fight off viruses and autoimmune diseases Green leafy vegetables All kinds except those listed not allowed Artichoke, Avocado, Corn, Olives, Pumpkin, Radishes, Sprouts, Tempeh, Tofu, Tomato
Fruits Pineappple has enzymes that help Type Bs to digest their food more easily. Pineapples
Avoid these fruits for they interfere with your digestive system Coconuts, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Prickly pear, Rhubarb, Starfruit
Bananas, Cranberries, Grapes, Papaya, Plums All kinds except those listed not allowed
Spices Sweet herbs tend to be stomach irritants to the Type Bs Barley malt sweeteners, corn syrup, Cornstarch, Cinnamon
Type B do best with warming herbs Ginger, horseradish, curry, cayenne pepper All kinds except those listed not allowed
Avoid these spices also Allspice, Almond extract, Gelatin, Pepper (black and white)
Condiments Ketchup
Beverages Generally Type Bs don’t reap overwhelming benefits from most herbal teas. Ginger, Peppermint, Raspberry leaf, Rose hips, Sage, Green Teas Aloe, Coltsfoot, Corn silk, Fenugreek, Gentian, Goldenseal, Hops, Linden, Mullein, Red clover, Rhubarb, Senna, Shepherd’s purse, Skullcap
This is highly recommended for Type Bs because it seems to have a positive effect on the nervous system. Ginseng
This has antiviral properties. Licorice Distilled liquor, Seltzer water, Soda


Blood Type Diet – Type B



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