Laughter My child within, is a joyous box That opens it's lid, undoing the locks A giggle, a smirk, a jiggle, a word A song emitted, we laugh at a turd For poop is funny for a little child A whoop and a jump, it’s fun to be wild That adults say shush, It is not so funny They know your joy is sweeter than honey But they forgot to guffaw so often Their brains and bellies start to soften Take out the garbage, wipe your shoes Becoming prisoners of all those rules Run outside naked, that's now a crime For children it is party time I don’t suggest you need run in your buff Or that life is forever tough But laugh and giggle, smile and shine It’s better than beer and sweeter than wine Why can we all be as children again And...


A New Year of Peace & Self Discovery

Dear Friends & Patients, Even though I’m not seeing patients in person right now, it feels really good to be connected to so many of you through the Online Healing Community. For those who haven’t had a chance go join yet, I wanted to give you some details of the subjects that have been covered for the first half year of content, which includes daily facebook posts and thoughts for the day, bi-weekly guided meditations or "Cosmic Contemplations" and a short weekly talk covering a wide variety of health and spiritual subjects. You can ask me some general questions for the group as well. There is a recipe section and I hope to add more soon. You can also share your favorite healthy recipes as well. Here is...